Dress Code

As the weather gets warmer, we anticipate a change in student attire.  Staff will be addressing dress code violations with students as they arise.  Please help us from home by reviewing the Dress Code expectations on the district website.  

Students will be asked to remove, cover up or call home for a change of attire depending on the violation.  

The Board of Education believes that students must wear appropriate attire in order to maintain an appropriate learning environment for education and that students' behavior is influenced by their attitude and dress.  

  • School is a place of business and requires businesslike clothing.  

  • Dress that reflects in a derogatory manner upon the race, religion, sex, or national origin of members of the student body will not be permitted.

  • Bare midriffs, bare shoulders, sheer/see-through materials, undershirts, halter tops, side-cut out shirts, and spaghetti strap tops are not permissible. 

  • Short skirts or shorts, "soffe" shorts,shorts with holes above the minimum 3 inch inseam, and visible undergarments are not permissible. 

  • Hats, hoods, and headgear are not permitted.

  • Also not appropriate are any items of clothing that advertise or condone the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, or any unauthorized organization deemed to be in conflict with school policies and practices.

  • In regards to skirts, dresses, and/or shorts, we require that students cover 30% of their leg length.  Leg length is determined by measuring from the top of the leg to the floor in bare feet.  The skirt hem is measured from the floor in bare feet as well.  Shorts should have a minimum 3 inch inseam. 

  • In regards to waistlines, the top of the waistline is to be worn above the hips.

  • Yoga pants are permissible, however the top must cover the bottom.

  • Respect yourselves and others.  Make sure your attire selections are indicative of a student who is focused on the acquisition of knowledge. 

  • Students violating the dress code will be expected to do either of the following:
    1. Change into proper attire.  If you don't possess proper attire you may borrow a school issued t-shirt and/or sweatpants.
    2. Call home to request proper attire be brought to school. Students can return to class when dressed appropriately.